Join us on one of our Deluxe South East Asia Cruises in 2020/2021. We offer a range of Cruises on the Mekong River in Thailand and Laos. Our traditional Cruises offer exceptional value, all meals are included and you can expect top levels of service throughout. Our boutique vessels are hand picked to provide the most comfortable way to enjoy the leisurely pace of our cruises.

Mekong Pearl

On RV Mekong Pearl, savour the lush, magnificent scenery of the lesser known upper Mekong River on this exceptional and unique Mekong Cruise through Thailand and Laos, from the Golden Triangle in Thailand to Luang Prabang and further south to the Laotian capital of Vientiane, in the heart of Laos. A rare cruising opportunity to travel along formerly inaccessible stretches of South East Asia’s most exciting river. Discover Vientiane and the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang, stroll through colourful markets, and experience first-hand the Laotian people’s traditional way of life. Relax onboard your exclusive boutique river vessel, with a maximum of 28 guests, to enjoy traditional hospitality and savour the unspoiled nature along the mighty upper Mekong – one of the most difficult rivers in the world to navigate, with fluctuating water levels, tight gorges, labyrinths of sandbanks and churning rapids.  A river cruise unlike others!

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Impressions of the Mekong – Savour the magnificent scenery

6 Days
Duration: 6 Days Location: Through Laos, between Vientiane and Luang Prabang Price: From €1060 Book Now!  
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India Cruise – 8 Days Lower Ganges River Cruise between Kolkata & Farakka

8 Days
ABN Rajmahal and ABN Sukapha offer small ship comfort and luxury on the Lower Ganges. Sustainable tourism in India.
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Mekong River Cruise – The Golden Triangle – 2021 – RV Mekong Pearl (Downstream/Upstream)

11/12 Days
Duration: 11/12 Days Location: through Laos and Thailand, between Chiang Rai and Vientiane Price: From EUR 4,415 Book Now!  
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From EUR 4,415

India River Cruise Ganges – ABN Rajmahal – 8 Days Varanasi to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)

8 Days between Varanasi & Patna ( Up or Downstream) 2021
Take a Ganges River Cruise visiting the amazing city of Varanasi. Our ship “ABN Rajmahal” recently entered service and can travel further upstream than any of her competitors.
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From USD 1470

Ganges Cruise between Farakka and Patna (7 or 9 Days)

7/9 Days between Farakka & Patna (Up or downstream) 2021
Duration: 7/9 Days Holy Ganges Cruise Location: India from Farakka to Patna or Patna to Farakka Price: From USD 2480 (No Single Supplement) Book...
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From only USD 2480 p.p