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Mekong River Cruise – The Golden Triangle – 2017/2018 – RV Mekong Sun (Downstream/Upstream)

11 Days
Duration: 11 Days Location: through Laos and Thailand, between Chiang Rai and Vientiane Price: From $ 2,670 Book Now!  
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From $ 2,670

Irrawaddy River Cruise – 2017/18 – RV Irrawaddy Explorer (Downstream/Upstream)

10 Days from Yangon to Mandalay on the Irrawaddy River
The 5 star RV Irrawaddy Explorer is a new, deluxe, all-suite ship on the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar – perfect for our luxury Myanmar River Cruise. This fabulous cruise allows you to experience the wonders of the river and view the sights along its shores, as you sail in comfort in this high class vessel.
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From USD 3499

Mekong River Cruise – 2017 – RV Mekong Navigator (Downstream/Upstream)

8 Days from Siem Reap to My Tho ((Downstream/Upstream))
This is a fabulous and entirely new, authentic approach to luxury expedition cruising in Southeast Asia. The voyage starting in Cambodia and travelling to Vietnam, is 8 days/7 nights in duration and includes full board with drinks package.
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From USD 2299

Ganges River Cruise – ABN Rajmahal – Varanasi to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)

8 Days From Varanasi to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)
Take a river cruise along the Ganges River in West Bengal. Our new ship “ABN Rajmahal” recently entered service and can travel upstream further than any of her competitors.
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From USD 1365

Historic Hooghly/Lower Ganges River Cruise – ABN Rajmahal (Downstream/Upstream)

8 Day River Cruise from Farakka to Kolkata (Downstream) or Kolkata to Farakka (Upstream)
Our new ship “ABN Rajmahal”, entered service on the Hooghly (Hugli) and the Ganges Rivers on schedule last year.
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From USD 1365

Holy Ganges – ABN Rajmahal – Farakka to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)

7/9 Days between Farakka and Patna (Downstream/Upstream)
Duration: 7/9 Days Holy Ganges Cruise Location: India from Farakka to Patna or Patna to Farakka Price: From USD 1560 (No Single Supplement) Book...
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From USD 1560