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River Ganges – ABN Rajmahal

Sustainable tourism in India:
What we love about our Ganges River Cruises, is the fact that local workers are hand-picked and taught skills in languages and hospitality, before progressing to become valued members of the friendly crew, drivers or local admin staff.  Projects funded by the company encourage learning and development and an awareness of environmental issues, all for the good of local communities.  Local businesses are used from initial ship build, to providing hand crafted furniture and fabrics which adorn the interiors of the vessels.  Guests have a unique opportunity to interact with community learning projects.

Vessels and Programmes:
Enjoy touring on our India Ganges River Cruises at a wonderful, leisurely pace.  A unique opportunity to see Indian villages and sites off the usual tourist trail in fascinating and culturally rich parts of India – we’ll visit on foot, by cycle rickshaw or minibus​. Onboard the highly acclaimed Ganges River cruise vessels ABN Rajmahal and ABN Sukapha, simply unpack and settle in for the journey.  The changing scenery is captivating, as are the Ganges dolphins and birds and other wildlife that you may see along the way. Carefully crafted excursion programmes highlight the wealth of places of interest, alongside visits to remote villages, where a nomadic lifestyle is still the norm and visitors are infrequent.   Enjoy relaxing on deck, with complimentary tea and coffee or enjoy the scenery from your own cabin with fully opening floor to ceiling windows and French balcony.  Cuisine on board is a mixture of Assamese (milder than most Indian cuisine) and continental. The chef will demonstrate some of his dishes during a cookery lesson.  Wines, beer and spirits are available at reasonable bar prices.

We offer a range of different cruises; the busy Historic Hooghly’ on the Lower Ganges, which visits more populated historic towns between Kolkata and Farakka (8 days cruise operates all year round) , Holy Ganges’ between Farakka and Patna (7 or 9 days) is a fascinating insight into rural India, ‘City of Light’ (8 days), visits Varanasi, offering a once in a lifetime experience for many travellers and ‘Bengal Memories’ (4 days) from Kolkata to Kolkata, a great add-on to your India tour.  Whichever you choose, you will be treated as a VIP guest by the welcoming crew and Cruise Manager of the RBN Rajmahal.

2022 & 2023 Cruises now available:
Kolkata to Farakka booking 2022 & 2023 NOW!! 8 or 12 Days
Farakka to Patna booking 2023 NOW!!
Patna to Varanasi booking 2023 NOW!!


Pre and Post Cruise stay in India:
Take time to stay on for a couple of nights in the City of Palaces, Calcutta (Kolkata) – the capital of British India for around 150 years, with much superb colonial architecture. It can also claim to be the intellectual capital of modern India, and is a thriving, bustling, colourful and up to date city, with some excellent shops. In the northern suburbs lie the old French, Dutch and Danish colonial enclaves, still retaining a distinctive flavour.  Please ask us for more information.

Group Travel:
These small vessels are ideal for groups, ABN Sukapha accommodates maximum 24 guests and ABN Rajmahal maximum 40 guests. Please contact us with your requirements for more information.

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India Cruise – 5 or 8 Days Lower Ganges between Kolkata & Farakka

8 Days
ABN Rajmahal and ABN Sukapha offer small ship comfort and luxury on the Lower Ganges. Sustainable tourism in India.
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Ganges River Cruise – Bengal Memories (Lower Ganges)

4 Days Kolkata - Kolkata
Duration: 4 Days Bengal Memories Lower Ganges River Cruise Location: Kolkata, Kalna, Chandernagore, Kolkata Price: From only USD 630 Book Now!
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India River Cruise Ganges – ABN Rajmahal – 8 Days Varanasi to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)

8 Days between Varanasi & Patna ( Up or Downstream) 2023
Take a Ganges River Cruise visiting the amazing city of Varanasi. Our ship “ABN Rajmahal” recently entered service and can travel further upstream than any of her competitors.
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From USD 1470From only USD 1470

Ganges Cruise between Farakka and Patna (7 or 9 Days)

7/9 Days between Farakka & Patna (Up or downstream) 2023
Duration: 7 or 9 Days Holy Ganges Cruise Location: India from Farakka to Patna or Patna to Farakka Price: From USD 1840 (No Single Supplement)...
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From only USD 1840 p.pFrom only USD 1840