River Cruises – now booking for 2019!!

We offer a great range of river cruises on some of the most famous rivers in the world, on excellent cruise ships with an outstanding reputation. Please review our range of Russian river cruises between Moscow & St Petersburg and on the Volga River to Astrakhan, the Mekong River between Cambodia & Vietnam, the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar and the Ganges River in India.

On the Danube River, we introduce Three new vessels, one offering a new journey to Fetesti, close to the Danube Delta in Romania.

Two of our favourite Russian River vessels; MS Chernyshevsky and MS Fedin are now fully refurbished with larger, brighter cabins and suites.  In 2019 MS Nizhny Novgorod will be upgraded and refurbished.

Discerning travellers will be pleased to see MS Volga Dream has a new ‘Imperial category’, this includes hotel stays at Four Seasons Hotels in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Welcome aboard – we offer a cruise to suit every passenger at unbeatable prices!

Check out our very popular Adriatic Cruises around the Croatian islands on small Motor Vessels (38 pax max)  

We also offer a range of guaranteed departure small group land tours –  for full details click here: www.select-a-tour.com

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Russian River Cruise – MS Chernyshevsky – 2019

11/12 Days Between Moscow & St Petersburg
Duration: 11/12 Days, Between Moscow & St Petersburg Location: Russia Price: From €965 Book Now!
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Russian River Cruise – Ms Nizhny Novgorod 2019

11/12 Days
Duration: 11/12 Days Between St Petersburg & Moscow Location: Russia Price: From € 985 Book Now!
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MS Crucebelle 2019 – 4 star Rhine River Cruises

8 Days
    Duration: 8 Days Location: Between Amsterdam and Amsterdam Between Amsterdam and Mainz Between Dusseldorf and Dusseldorf Price:...
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India Cruise – Lower Ganges River Cruise – ABN Rajmahal & ABN Sukapha

8 Day River Cruise from Farakka to Kolkata or Kolkata to Farakka
ABN Rajmahal and ABN Sukapha offer small ship comfort and luxury on the Lower Ganges. Sustainable tourism in India.
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Russian River Cruise – MS Chernyshevsky – Moscow to Astrakhan 2019

14 Days
Duration: 14 Days From Moscow to Astrakhan Location: Russia Price: From €1,255 Book Now!
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Lake Baikal Cruise and Stay 2019 – MS Imperia

9 Days
Duration: 9 Days Location: Price: From €3,790 Book Now!
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MPS Crucevita 2019 – Luxury Boutique Vessel

6/8 Days
    Duration: 6/8 Days Location: Between Amsterdam and Amsterdam, Between Amsterdam and Mainz, Between Dusseldorf and Mainz, Between...
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Grand Russia Volga Cruise – MS Volga Dream 2019

13 Days
Duration: 13 Days Location: Russia, between Moscow & Saint Petersburg Price: From €3,145 p.p. Book Now!
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Luxury Russia River Cruise – MS Volga Dream – 2019

11 & 12 Days
Duration: 11 or 12 Days Location: Russia, between Moscow & Volgograd Price: From €2,745 p.p. Book Now!
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Ganges River Cruise – Bengal Memories (Lower Ganges)

4 Days Kolkata - Kolkata
Duration: 4 Days Bengal Memories Lower Ganges River Cruise Location: Kolkata, Kalna, Chandernagore, Kolkata Price: From only USD 585 Book Now!
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Volga River Cruise – MS Crucelake 2019

14 Days
Duration: 14 Days Location: Moscow, Astrakhan Price: From €1555 Book Now!
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Russian River Cruise – MS Crucelake 2019

11 or 12 Days
Duration: 11, 12 Days Location: Moscow, St Petersburg Price: From €1215 Book Now!
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Danube Cruises 2019 MV Crucestar 4* – Vienna to Vienna

8 Days
Duration: 8 Days Location: Vienna to Vienna , Fetesti to Vienna or Vienna to Fetesti Price: From €740 Book Now!
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Mekong River Cruise – The Golden Triangle – 2019/2020 – RV Mekong Pearl (Downstream/Upstream)

11 Days
Duration: 11 Days Location: through Laos and Thailand, between Chiang Rai and Vientiane Price: From EUR 2,750 Book Now!  
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From EUR 2,750

Irrawaddy River Cruise – 2019 – RV Irrawaddy Explorer between Mandalay & Yangon

10 Days between Yangon & Mandalay on the Irrawaddy River
The 5 star RV Irrawaddy Explorer is a new, deluxe, all-suite ship on the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar – perfect for our luxury Myanmar River Cruise. Between Yangon and Mandalay, enjoy the wonders of the Irrawaddy River and explore during included excursions, as you cruise in comfort in this high class vessel.
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From USD 3499

India River Cruise – ABN Rajmahal – Varanasi to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)

8 Days From Varanasi to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)
Take a Ganges River Cruise visiting the amazing city of Varanasi. Our ship “ABN Rajmahal” recently entered service and can travel further upstream than any of her competitors.
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From USD 1365

Holy Ganges Cruise – 7 or 9 Days – Farakka to Patna (Downstream/Upstream)

7/9 Days between Farakka and Patna (Downstream/Upstream)
Duration: 7/9 Days Holy Ganges Cruise Location: India from Farakka to Patna or Patna to Farakka Price: From USD 2480 (No Single Supplement) Book...
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From USD 2480